Sport Horse Supplies are very proud to sponsor International Show Jumper Paul Crago. He has an excellent reputation within the sport and is a great ambassador for our business.

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We are based in North East Hampshire and carry a large selection of quality items for the horse, rider and yard and can source many other products quickly upon request. All brands within our range have been selected with their reputation for quality in mind and we are happy to discuss individual requirements.

We offer all of our customers a unique tailor made service. We can visit regularly in the local area with our mobile shop, customers can order by telephone or email or place an order online. We offer free personal delivery within our local area and competitive carriage charges for those beyond the free delivery zone.

We feel that this diverse approach offers all of our customers individual service and excellent value for money.

We also have a tradestand and attend many British Eventing, British Show Jumping & Riding Club Shows as well as clinics and yard events throughout the year.

We can cater for everyone both large and small yards as well as individual owners. Our current customers range from international competition riders in all disciplines to large livery and smaller private yards.

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Bliss Bedding

Bliss Bedding is the bedding choice for professional riders such as Ruth Edge, Maddy Moffett and Lee Pearson CBE as it provides a comfortable and effective bedding solution whilst being economical and environmentally friendly. Bliss Bedding is made using premium quality rape straw that is finely chopped and dust extracted. Bliss is treated with Trus-STEED Stableguard which helps to protect from harmful airborne bacteria providing a safer stable environment. A bittering agent is added to Bliss making the bedding extremely unpalatable.

Bliss Bedding provides your horse with a supportive and cushioned base under the hoof and a moisture-controlled environment that will assist in maintaining healthy hooves. Bliss absorbs liquid, clumps together and sinks to the bottom of the bed leaving the top layer dry and warm.

Bliss Bedding is an effective bedding choice as it is highly absorbent and easy to muck out with a standard shavings fork, and so finely chopped that there is little waste. Bliss Bedding is bio degradable and rots down on your muck heap quickly, especially in comparison to other bedding varieties available such as shavings. There are different varieties available depending on your horses’ needs: Bliss Basic is an unscented option offering value without any compromise of quality. Bliss treated with Eucalyptus, a mild decongestant and antiseptic, assists in keeping a fresh and healthy environment for your stabled horse.

Bliss Eucalyptus is a great added preventative measure for horses with respiratory ailments. Bliss Citronella helps to keep the flies and insects at bay in the stable whilst providing a zingy fragrance, a popular choice for horses who suffer with related skin complaints in the summer months.

Bliss Bedding retails from approximately £7.30 and is available from retailers throughout the UK for stockist information please visit