These horses form the core of Paul’s string but we have horses coming in all the time for schooling and horses change all the time.

June hof ter Zeedyke is an 11 year old grade A mare by 2019 and 2020 she stepped up to jumping area trials and csi2*and3*shows. Although she has her own way of going She is very competitive and carful and forwards the end of 2020 jumped 10 double clears on the trot at 1.40m and above.
HULTEN8 years | Old Gelding
HULTEN is an 8yrs old gelding who is just stepping up to 1.40m classes he needs Experience at bigger and better shows but is showing a lot of promise and has plenty of scope to go on to GP level.
ANOTHER TIME (Sid) 9 years | 17.2 | Grey Gelding | Sold
Sid had some time off last year but is back out competing now and is just starting to jump 1.40m classes, he loves his jumping and has plenty of talent but is lacking experience. He is owned by Dawn Cooley.

CALYPRIUS (Prophet) 9 years | 17.2 | Bay Gelding | Sold
He had a late start in life having only started jumping full time at the end of 2013. He has a bit of a mind of his own but has improved no end and has been jumping the second classes at the County Shows with placings at Bath and West, Pembroke and Edenbridge amongst others. He is another horse with a huge jump and plenty of potential. Calyprius is owned by Louisa Strutt.
BASIL BROOM (Basil) 10 years | Brown Gelding | Sold
Plenty of experience and very genuine he was bought primarily as a school master for Louisa Strutt his owner but is also jumped by me around the County circuit.
ULTIMATE RISK (Luxie) 7 years | 17.2 | Bay Gelding | Sold
Ultimate Risk is a 7 year old Irish bred gelding and he had done very little when he arrived but is now starting to jump 1.30m classes. He is exceptionally genuine and loves to jump.

Carlos F
Carlos F8 years | 16.3 | Chestnut Gelding | Sold
Owned by Louisa Strutt he is a 16.3 chestnut gelding and is 8 years old. He came to me in March having only done 1.20m classes at small shows in Holland. He is exceptionally talented and is progressing really quickly jumping double clears in 1.30/35m classes on the County Show circuit.
Cupido7 years | 16.2 | Bay Gelding | Sold
Owned by Alison Rogers. I am bringing on the horse for her to ride when she comes over from Jersey. He is now progressing onto 1.30m classes.
VALENTINO (Bertie) 13 years | 16.3 | Bay Gelding | Retired
Bertie who is owned by Dawn Cooley came to me 4 years ago having completely lost his jump and confidence. We have worked very hard to build him up again and gain his trust and he is now consistently jumping Area Trials, Stairways and Prix classes.
His results include placings in many Area Trials, the International Stairway at the New Forest and Royal County of Berkshire Shows and the Queen Elizabeth Cup at Hickstead.
RETIRED at the end of 2019 aged 17 having been at the top of his game for 5 years.finishing with a 4th place in the Hickstead speed Derby his 6th top 6 finish in 7years

We also now have a number of horses of all ages and experience in for short or medium term schooling, competing and or for sale on behalf of owners.